Harry has taken off his wizard robes, but who’s that next to him?

Here are some publicity photos from the London Stage Play – Equus.

These photos are not safe for work, not safe for kids. And thousands of words have already been written about them, and thousands more will be written. Though few mention what I’m going to mention.

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe, who has played Harry Potter in the movies, and is only 17 years old, is going to appear naked on stage in a few weeks, and the publicity photos show a lot (but, naturally, not all). Since the age of consent as I understand it in the UK is 16, this is perfectly legal.

However, the actress Joanna Christie is in a couple of these photos, and she is being ignored by a lot of commentators. I can’t let that happen. I can say with comfort that I find her damn attractive, and would like more publicity photos with her in them. I am comfortable saying this as she is 24. True, fourteen years separate us, but she is still an adult.

So yes, if I were going to be in London, I would probably try to buy tickets to the play. I hear it is a good play, and won some Tony awards back in the 1970s.

note: for completeness, I have changed the link at the top of this post to the one on the play’s official website, where they have all the photos. Some I have seen nowhere else. Unfortunately, no additional Joanna Christie ones