I could have told you so….

I was at a Superbowl party tonight. I don’t watch football as a general rule, however throw in beer, hamburgers, friends, and good commercials, and I can suffer through a few innings quarters.

It was hosted at The Texan’s house. Myself, Pagan Boy, Toy Lady, Kochlefl, Mad Photographer, 007, Anime boy, Anime girl, and someone who temporarily shall be referred to as New Guy showed up. So it was a full house. (I believe Anime boy and girl are new to the blog. They aren’t related, or an item, but they both are obsessed with Anime, so it fits. New Guy is new too, and is a friend of Anime boy)

A week ago, the Texan sent out an email link for non-fans to choose who to root for. The five-question quiz told me to root for the Colts. So I did.

But as I was watching the game, I realized I didn’t need to do the quiz. I could have made teh choice myself. All I would have had to do is take a peek at the Colt’s active roster:

Peyton Manning: #18
Dexter Reid: #36
Freddy Keiaho: #54 (triple chai)

And if you aren’t a believer yet…

Jason David: #42

I suspect there are a few doubters asking the obvious question. If the Bears had won, could you have made a similar claim. Here’s their active roster

They do have a #18 (Kyle Orton)
and a #54 (Brian Urlacher)

But no #36 or #42.
And while both teams had a QB wearing the #18, only the Colts started that QB.
Orton sat on the bench.
That was Chicago’s mistake.
I could have told you this yesterday, but it just didn’t occur to me to look at the numbers.