Do you get Hebrew spam?


המרכז להשכלה פיננסית מבית מטריקס מזמין אותך לסדנא חינם בנושא ניתוח טכני של שוק המניות.

בוא ללמוד כיצד להרוויח בתיק ההשקעות שלך ×¢”×™ ניתוח טכני של שוק ההון, כיצד לזהות השקעה נכונה, שימוש באסטרטגיות מסחר חדשניות ועוד…

מס’ המקומות מוגבל

להבטחת מקומך בסדנא ל ח ץ כ א ן

I wish I knew what more of it meant. Maybe it’s about Cialis. Maybe it’s a bank account scam. Maybe they’re offering me a piece of the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

The first word means ‘Peace” or in this context “greetings”‘ That’s about as far as I can get with it.

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  1. DL Emerick

    Using Babylon software (

    Hi there, sucker!
    The center to the financial education from house of matrix orders you to the workshop free of charge in the subject of technical operation of market of the shares.
    Come to learn how to earn in your investment portfolio A”i technical operation of the money market, how to identify a right investment, use are strategic commerce are innovative and more.
    Number of the places is limited.
    To the you promised your place in the workshop for H Ts about A.

    Well, that machine translation for you (except for the greeting line, which I whimsically translated myself.)

  2. thebookmistress

    I get Italian spam, Russian spam, and Korean spam. Only one of these is even vaguely legible to me. Whoever decided that I am a worthy addition to Korean-language spam lists definitely isn’t getting his money’s worth.