Purely Altruistic Motives


What do Arthur Schopenhauer,George Washington and Drew Barrymore have in common?

All born on February 22nd!

And since the philosophyof Schopenhauer has been compared to Buddhism, Washington was our first President, and Drew is Drew…

Let me suggest that my chapbook would make a most appropriate purchase in celebration of the day.

0 thoughts on “Purely Altruistic Motives

  1. DL Emerick

    I’d rather sleep with Drew Barrymore — or just be with her — than either of the other two. Washington had a cob up his butt something awful — and Schlopenhauser, achtung, I must him someday read, Godspeed!

    But, seriously, John — can you make a living this way?

    Should you make a living this way?

    (And if you should and could, do you?)

    (I’m not brave enough to risk the encounter with a market, to see if anyone would buy my schticks — and maybe, too, I’m a tad (too?) realistic, that no one would, either! And, why would it buy it, when I have written it?

    Audience of one; your table of contents is waiting — or wanting — or wonting, as the saying goes.

    Even a Kingdom of Two, per Vonnegut, Mother Night, would be, perhaps, more than enough.)


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