useless pommy jackeroo

Noting on the statistics for this blog that a good number of people come here regularly while conducting a search for information on the British Royal Princes, I figure I should cater to my audience. If the few things I’ve written so far have attracted attention…why stop?

Prince Harry is ‘just a useless pommy jackeroo’ (For those not up on Aussie slang, this apparently is a compliment.) He’s spending some time in Australia during what Brits refer to as the “gap year” in his schooling.

Some Australian politicians were upset at first that Australia was asked to foot the bill for guarding the Prince during his stay there while he learns to become a cowboy. However, recent news suggests a small economic boom has resulted from his presence, so perhaps this will appease the politicians.

Most recently, Prince William, allegedly speaking for his younger brother as well, attacked Paul Burrell, the former butler of their mother, Princess Diana, for his cold and overt betrayal.

I have little to add to these news stories. Ananova is a good resource if you want to keep track of what is happening with the British Royal family. (Much better than my blog, I assure you.)

I do wonder why Harry wants to become a cowboy. Are there cows in England? Doesn’t he realize cows may be extinct in a few years due to Creutzfeldt-Jakob? Maybe he almost failed his Geography A-levels, and was accused of theft in achieving a b in his Art A-levels, but there’s got to be a better career option than ‘Cowboy’. Oh, I forgot, his ‘career’ is Prince. He’s got that one mastered.

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