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I have some friends who tell me they hate Ellen Degeneres’s humor, but I actually stood up and applauded one of her jokes in the opening monologue. The one about Blacks, Gays, and Jews. And I was laughing at a few of the other ones as well. (Such as the one contrasting Hudson with Al Gore)

I like how the skit on how a comedian’s the saddest person on Oscar night was only a few minutes before West Bank Story won.

Just as an indication on how little I knew anything when making my predictions several days ago….I thought the Hudson who was nominated was the daughter of Goldie Hawn. I had no idea she was on American Idol three years ago. I did watch the Barbara Walters pre-special tho, and that’s where I found out my error.

What’s up with “Frodo?” Am I missing something? (I saw the word scroll across the bottom of the screen as a few nominations were presented. The only connection in my mind is with Lord of the Rings which of course has nothing to do with any nominee this year.)

Little Miss Sunshine wins Alan Arkin Best Supporting Actor.

Not having seen An Inconvenient Truth, I didn’t know it had a theme song.
Not a big Melissa Etheridge fan.

So will giving Gore 30 seconds to speak about Global Warming and how the Academy has gone Green be their compensation for giving the Documentary award to someone else?

The writing-montage was an accurate portrayal of the writing process.

I like how they showed the scenes over the scripts for the Adapted Screenplay. And how the last one showed clearly how directors sometimes ignore the screenplay. (The ‘slug’ described a character in a tight t-shirt, and the actress was not wearing a tight t-shirt.)

The Hudson-who-is-not-Goldie-Hawn’s daughter won Best Supporting Actress.
Is anyone keeping track of how well the losers of American Idol do in comparison to the winners?
I’m sure they are. I’m not, because I don’t watch it.
But I did buy William Hung’s CD. Should I admit that?

So…Gore did win. Or…should I say…Guggenheim.
“The will to act is a renewable resource. Let’s renew it.” He should run for President.
Oh, right.

Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t very funny. I suspect some people will comment on the elitism involved in his joke about it not being his job to throw the food he eats in theaters away. My parents raised me to clean up after myself. It’s the theater employee’s job to clean up the floor of any food that has been spilled…but you’re not supposed to leave your trash behind. The one saving grace of the joke is that I don’t think anyone will disagree that the prices for the food are outrageous. And yes, it’s a joke, so he’s not ‘serious’, but it’s predicated on the belief that it is someone else’s job to pick up your trash.

Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire walk on stage to Spider-man theme music. I don’t get it. 😉

Once again…a film doesn’t match the screenplay. The Queen has no cup to drop.

Little Miss Sunshine won Best Original Screenplay! The Academy is giving comedy it’s due!

With three out of the five original songs, the odds were in favor of Dreamgirls. I was rooting for Randy Newman’s Cars.
Neither the odds, nor I, were correct. Etheridge won.

The ‘clips’ from Little Miss Sunshine – in my opinion – were poorly chosen, and showed too much.

Well…since they’ve just awarded Best Picture…and I’m tired…I guess it’s time for me to depart (rimshot)

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  1. FP

    Thanks for doing this. Very fun.

    (I was wincing during Jerry Seinfeld. I’m glad to see that someone else smelled the unfunny, too!)


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