Drew Barrymore naked

In the same vein as my previous post: catering to my apparent audience…

Apparently people still come to my website after searching for “Drew Barrymore Having Sex” or “Drew Barrymore Nude” or “Drew Barrymore Naked”. I have no idea why this blog comes up on those searches. None.

In the past I have just told readers to go to Google Images and search under her name. I am in a good mood today. I’ll provide a direct link: Google Image Search: “Drew Barrymore”

(Even a search conducted under the strictest “Safe Search” options will yield some tantalizing photos. It appears Google’s ‘Safe Search’ ain’t all that safe.)

0 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore naked

  1. James

    Thanks for the link! Nice site. I must admit I came across your site while looking through blogs for style cues to pilfer for mine – but I enjoyed reading your stuff so much that I’ve decided to keep my thieving hands to myself.

    best wishes from England


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