Anybody have a paraph?

I don’t have a paraph. They’re easy to come by, but I’ve never felt the need. Do any of you?

0 thoughts on “Anybody have a paraph?

  1. Christy

    The “masthead” of my blog does. Sort of. Sort of.

    I think signatures look affected with paraphs. Although generally, I refer to them as squiggles.

  2. John

    If QEI hadn’t been the Virgin Queen, she may not have had the time to do all that squiggling.

  3. DL Emerick

    Squiggle, anyone?

    A drink wriggles down your throat.
    You feel the burning urge to be cleverly novel.
    You give in to the transient urge, unable to reason. (Which state may be your normal one!)
    You make a little remark, as if the other marks could be told off, as lacking in personality.

    A retort follows, a forged conversation ensues — disguised truths roam around, under foot.

    Nothing much, for even nothing is too much — when vain flourishes are all on tap-dancing.