Freedom of Speech

Rev Phelps claim’s Wyoming’s refusal to let him build the statue condemning Matthew Shephard to Hell is a violation of the First Ammendment.

The state of Wyoming is taking the tack of moving the Ten Commandments monument which Phelps had used as an excuse. (If the Ten Commandments monument exists, then all religious monuments have a right to to be displayed.)

Phelps is of course right. One religious monument gets displayed on public property, the state has to allow all. Including those who wish to build a monument to Mary Magdalen, mother of the Christ-Child. Or a group of Satanists who wished to build a monument to Satan. Which is why Phelps should not want to walk down this path.

Unfortunately — our laws do not allow libel/slander/defamation of character lawsuits to be brought by anyone except the person libelled, slandered, defamed. Therefore anyone can say anything they want about someone who is dead.

0 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech

  1. Jay

    The TCM has been removed from the Alabama courthouse for some time now and the Supreme Court, this very week refused to hear all appeals. This means, the decision stands. There is no place in secular society for the undermining of the separation of “church” and STATE. It’s actually quite sad that part of the masses, from joe down the road to judges wrongly believe that this country was founded on any kind of christian religious principle. This is completely and absolutely false… It’s written clearly by our Founding Fathers themselves… I could supply the testxs if you wish.
    The MS issue……. This is not about slander/libel/defamation- it;’s about HATE and BIGOTRY AND PREJUDICE and ZERO TOLERANCE for it. HATE SPEECH is not PROTECTED BY THE FIRST AMMENDMENT… Cheers,

  2. John

    I agree with you that it is better to have no religious monuments on public property.

    But the Supreme Court has declared that you can have a multi-religious display. (Such as a Christmas Tree next to a Menorah in December.)

    So if a State allows the ten commandments, they have to allow other religious monuments too, or they are supporting one religion over another, which is a clear violation of the first ammendment.