Corned Beef and cabbage on Rye

In a couple days I’ll be in Dogtown, wearing the green, to honor my great-grandfather, who was born on March 17th. (The below is from a 1925 Who’s Who in North St. Louis)


My great-grandfather fibbed a bit, and he wasn’t exactly from Dublin. He was from a nearby town. Here’s how Google responds when I ask for driving directions from my great-grandfather’s hometown to Dublin.

Geographically, the rest of the bio is true. Though the scholastic parts of this curricula vitae are also exaggerated. Fortunately for my grandfather, he lived in a day where it wasn’t very easy to look these things up, so one could get away with a few embellishments.

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  1. DL Emerick

    warsaw-dublin landbridge thesis?

    decades ago, there was a landbridge connecting the two great cities, so much so that urban commuters would often have to stop and ask themselves, am I in one place or the other. (Kind of like asking “Am I in Kirkwood, Maplewood or St. Louis? — the latter town having been misnamed St. Louis, when it should have been called Cardswood, or Buschwood (beechwood?).)

    one evident proof of the landbridge thesis: your granddad’s “confusion”!!!

    Course, like leprechauns, there are many who swear there are none, simply because they have not seen one. More’s the pity, on them, is all I can say.

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