Rescued Words

Giong through some old boxes, I found many things I wrote, but never quite made it into my computer files. With my tendency to write about the news story of the week, much of this is outdated. Some of it is timeless.

one of each.

May 1999

Five screens, five showings each.
Lines forming two hours before the film
Not for tickets, but for good seats.
I’ve been to better movies where
I was the only one in the theater.

But I’ve seen this film three times now.
More than any other in my life
Because I like hanging out with my friends
And these friends are insane.

(maybe not so out of date as it might first appear….)


I miss her, she’s been away so long. I’ve returned hoping to find her, but she’s not here. Maybe she will be, so I’ll wait.

It’s been so long, I’m not sure why I stopped coming. Maybe it’s because she never showed up. Not really. There were a few times I thought she was here. I could almost smell her, and feel her warm touch. But it wasn’t her exactly. I’ve looked elsewhere with as little luck.

I don’t know what about her it was exactly, but whenever I was with her I felt comfort all over. I miss her, can’t find her, but I look–hopeful that tonight I might feel her touch again. Tonight might be the night of her return.