My Last Entry – Here.

Iíve been operating this blog for over 18 months now. Itís time for a change of scenery.

I spent 10 years at a corporation, and got so comfortable they had to actually sever me from my desk. Iíve learned my lesson.

For those who like numbers, this is my 450th post. That happens to be 25 * 18. Make of that what you will.

Those who look carefully at my new blog will notice the first msg is dated a couple days ago. You will likely accuse me of waiting until I reached post #450 to make the announcement. Itís not completely inaccurate. I must say I was actually more worried about not making a post #451 ñ fearing my blog might catch fire and burn.

Some will likely ask: Why not just redesign this blog, give it the new title, and keep posting. WellÖbeyond my fear of literal flames on my computer screen, I like the idea of maintaining a sort of history.

Why the new title? Wasnít this blogís title offensive enough? Well, the first entry ìMission Statementî should explain it adequately enough. If enough time has passed, and the first entry has scrolled off the page, look in the upper right hand corner of the blog. There should be a link.

Will there be any change in content?

Well, I wonít bother categorizing entries like I am now. I will let you, the reader, put the entries into boxes of your own choosing. But I am still the same person, so my interests are pretty much going to remain the same.

Once again, my new blog.