Carolyn Wells – Re-Echo Club

The Re-echo Club (1913) is a book by poet, Carolyn Wells ‘revealing’ the ‘long hidden papers’ of a group of poets who gathered and rewrote poems in their own style. (And by coincidence…I don’t own this book, and discovered it after yesterday’s post…the first poem these poets rewrite is Burgess’s classic)


See if you can detect the poet who wrote the following:

Open then I flung a shutter,
And, with many a flirt and flutter,
In there stepped a Purple Cow which gayly tripped around my floor.
Not the least obeisance made she,
Not a moment stopped or stayed she,
But with mien of chorus lady perched herself above my door.

And that Purple Cow unflitting
Still is sitting — still is sitting
On that dusty bust of Dante just above my chamber door,
And her horns have all the seeming
Of a demon’s that is screaming,
And the arc-light o’er her streaming
Casts her shadow on the floor.
And my soul from out that pool of Purple Shadow on the floor
Shall be lifted Nevermore!