Happy Labor Day

May 1, 1886 – Chicago – Haymarket Square

Trial Transcripts from the Haymarket Affair

Poetry I read at a local IWW meeting on May 1, 1998. (I was not, and am not a member of the IWW, but I was the guest of a member.)

A scandalous pantsless picture of me performing poetry on May 1st at the World Cafe a few years back.

News stories from around the world:
On May Day Our Flag is Still Red (San Francisco, CA)

The History of May 1, International Worker’s Day (Uruguay)

Today is Labor Day (Iceland)

1st of May is Your Day (Liverpool, UK)

International Worker’s Day 2007 (Ireland)

A Letter to the Working Class (Phillipines)

0 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. John

    Nope. A hugoist.

    “First problem: Produce wealth. Second problem: To distribute it…England solves the first of these two problems. She creates wealth admirably; she distributes it badly…Communism and Agrarian law think they have solved the second problem. They are mistaken. Their distribution kills production. Equal partition abolishes emulation. And consequently labor. It is a distribution made by the butcher, who kills what he divides…The two problems must be solved together to be well solved.” (Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, pp. 840-841)

  2. John

    Just realized that’s redundant. My knowledge of the terminology apparently was lacking.
    So, yes, as I read somewhere:

    No one needs sympathy more than Communists and Dentists.


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