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Remember the earthquake California had in 1992? Afterwards scientists said earthquakes were so unpredictable.

It seems one week earlier there was some underground nuclear testing
in nearby Nevada. Of course, there’s no connection.

Scientists do claim, however, there may be a connection between the earthquakes and the renowned eccentricity of Californians. Not the connection the Religious Right have claimed for years — earthquakes are God’s punishment — but the reverse. Earthquakes have an effect on the human mind.

Of course, nuclear testing might also have an effect, but that would only confuse the issue, so scientists aren’t looking there.

0 thoughts on “Earthquakes

  1. DJ

    So let me get this straight(well that was an unfortunate way of saying this, wasn’t it?)–scientists are going to blame deviant sexual behaviour upon earthquakes? Hmmm–did the Earth move for you, dear?

  2. John

    Did I mention sex? That must be where your mind was, DJ. I was thinking more along the lines of explaining 1960s Haight-Ashbury music, former Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, former Governor Ronald “Trees cause pollution” Reagan, and some of the strange movies that have flown out of Hollywood.

    Here’s a nice quote from the late, St. Louis-born author, William Burroughs

    ├ČThe line between inner and outer landscapes is breaking down. Earthquakes can result in seismic upheavals within the human mind.├«

    If there had been any earthquake activity along the New Madrid fault in late 1968, (OR any nuclear testing during that time nearby) that might also explain me….