Star Wars and Science

TIME has an article on the Science of Star Wars

To quote from the article:

The most prominent areas of research inspired by the film are “hyper drive,” like that achieved off and on by Han Solo’s foundering Millennium Falcon, and robotics research inspired by Luke Skywalker’s ever-reliable R2D2 and somewhat neurotic C3PO.

“We physicists have been fascinated, have been inspired by the warp drive,” Kaku said. It has been so fascinating to them … that they have found an equation of Einstein’s that mimics warp drive.

Now, on paper, scientists know how “warp speed” works and what it would take for Chewbacca to get the Millennium Falcon into gear.

Sorry. You can’t credit Lucas with the Warp Drive.

Star Trek – Warp Drive – 1966
Star Wars – Hyperspace Drive – 1977

Similarly, Kaku says, some people saw the movies’ robots and started working in artificial intelligence theory to create robots of their own.

Isaac Asimov – I, Robot – 1950 (origin of the word ‘positronics’)
Alan Turing – Invented the Turing Test – 1950
John McCarthy coins the word “Artificial Intelligence” – 1956
ELIZA – 1965
Star Wars – 1977

Sorry, can’t give Lucas credit for inspiring Artificial Intelligence theory either.