ScriptFrenzy starts tomorrow

I didn’t do too well with NaNoWriMo last November. However, I have told members of my writer’s group I will at least attempt ScriptFrenzy. And I have the barest outlines of an idea for a plot — heavily based on real occurrences so that will help me move the plot along.

I also need to practice the poems I’m going to be reading for the Poetry Showcase on June 16th. I need to have them memorized, and it’s been several years since I’ve memorized poems. But this is a slam poetry showcase, and while I can get away with reading from a chapbook at an open mic, a poetry slam is a different animal, and this is being videotaped, so I need to have it memorized.

I know what’s more important. And it’s not ScriptFrenzy. However, the idea for the screenplay has been eating at me since I began thinking about it, and I’ve been anxious for June 1st so I could start writing. And while I may put it aside to prepare for the showcase, and I may not write 20,000 words in a month, I do want to get it down on paper.