How Catherine the Great is the great(19) grandmother of Henry David Thoreau

Here is the direct lineage of Catherine the Great to Henry David Thoreau — according to OneWorldTree

I don’t see any issues with it – do you?

Sure … 19 generations is a lot to go through between 1729 and 1817, but here is how it works:

Catherine the Great

Paul I Romanov

Marie Pavlovna Romanov

Marie Von Saxe Weimar Eisenach


Friedrich Karl Hohenzollern

Louise Margaret

Patricia Helen Windsor

Alexander Arthur Ramsey

Agnes Ramsay

William Urquhart

Alexander Urquhart

Agnes Urquhart

Hugh Rose

Janet Rose

Mark Dunbar

Ninian Dunbar

Robert Dunbar

Peter Dunbar

Samuel Dunbar

Asa Dunbar

Cynthia Dunbar

Henry David Thoreau

Of course, as I’ve said before, when discussing the case of Lucy and Desi, this doesn’t mean I’m not descended from Chaucer. Some of the linkages they come up with are bound to be correct — so mine could be one of those.

0 thoughts on “How Catherine the Great is the great(19) grandmother of Henry David Thoreau

  1. Matt

    Looks like flawless research to me! [taking another hit from crack pipe] You should see some of the Mormon genealogies which “prove” direct descent from Adam and Eve.

    There is a lot of solid genealogy out there. Your Chaucer line may well be accurate. It is hard to know for sure without verifying documentation–always fun.

  2. Cindy

    Check the dates for Agnes Urquhart and Alexander Ramsey through Marie Von Saxe Weimar Eisenach. Either they are the result of typos from the original genealogists or someone just filling in the blanks with whatever sounded right at the time. I’m working on this as well (hoping to connect to Catherine the Great) so if you resolve any of these issues will you please let me know? Many thanks.
    P.S. I believe the birthdate for Agnes Urquhart was about 1478 – everything else checks out about her so I have to assume this one was a typo.


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