I was told last night by someone who’s arm I twisted somehow, forcing her to try ScriptFrenzy, with my assurances that I was going to try it too, that my current word count of 550 words is unacceptable for 20 days into the month. That’s an average of 27.5 words a day, what’s wrong with that? (Perhaps that, at this pace, it will take me two years to finish the 20,000 words I’m supposed to be trying to get done in a month.)

I’m just not good at multi-tasking my extra-officular activities. (In my editor, there’s a red line underneath that word, indicating it may not be spelled correctly. I’m pretty sure it is, since I made up the word.)

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  1. Matt

    I have not done an analysis of how many words I write a month, but I know it isn’t anywhere near 20,000. You don’t need to have a Dostoeyevskian output to be talented — which you are.


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