Was it as it was?

You have a Hollywood producer claiming the Pope said something, and the Vatican denying it. Which one are you going to believe?

Quotes from article:
“Still, it takes a particular sort of chutzpah to put a phony quote in the mouth of Pope John Paul II.”

“The Web site promoting Gibson’s film…proudly displays a pair of articles…which the pope is said to have watched a tape of the film…then commented: “It is as it was.””

“in a widely overlooked story circulated by the Catholic News Service on Christmas Eve, two unnamed Vatican officials were quoted as denying the pope had expressed any opinion concerning Gibson’s film. ”

“Whatever one thinks of John Paul II, he never has had any trouble making himself clear, and it might have occurred to somebody, somewhere along the line, that “It is as it was” sounds a bit like a screenwriter doing additional dialogue for an Eastern Yoda.”

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