Are you going to be in Collinsville, IL this weekend at the North American Science Fiction Convention, hosted by Archon? (NASFiC doesn’t occur every year…it only occurs when the WorldCon isn’t in North America, and WorldCon is in Japan this year. Archon won the bid to host NASFiC. Should be huge. Should be fun.)

I am.

If you’re there, and are wondering…hey, where’s TransylvanianDutch? (or if you know me offblog, where’s John?) Here’s a list of where I am likely to be. Of course, my schedule is open to change. I’m not a panelist or anything, this is just a list of the activities from the program guide (on the website linked above) that jumped out at me and said: Hey..I’m interesting.


1 pm – Graphic Novels and Comics – why we love them (Depending upon how late I wake up Thursday morning and get my *ss down to Collinsville I could miss this)
2 pm – Open Blog Insert Foot (don’t want to miss this tho)
3 pm – Guide to Small Press Publishing
or Torturing Characters
4 pm – early dinner
5 pm – Barri Bumgarner’s Reading
6 pm – Gary Hanak concert
7 pm – How to write realistic violence
8 pm – More to St. Louis Fandom than Archon (not a panelist, but I know several panelists, and there is a distinct possibility I will be talking a bit during the panel, since I am active in local fandom)


10 am – Is there room for a god in a science fiction universe
1 pm – Writing YA SF/Fantasy
3 pm – Crossing genres
4 pm – Recording your stuff
5 pm – Bardic Concert
7-9pm – Break from NASFiC – drive West to Hartford Coffee Company for open mic
10 pm – Luke Ski concert

Saturday (you’ll notice this is less full. Will probably visit the dealers room, art show, etc on Saturday because the panels looked less interesting.)

10 am – Publishing short stories
11 am – HP Fan Fiction — or maybe an early lunch
12 – SF/F poetry
1 pm – Tom Smith concert
7 pm – Masquerade


11 am – Elizabeth Moon reading
12 – Ethics of Self Promotion
2 – Heroes
3 – Preparing a manuscript for submission
4 – Closing ceremonies

Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night I will be in the Filking Room. Filking. Get your mind out of the gutter you muggles! Filk music is Folk music for narrow values of ‘o’. (Most likely etymology is that it was a typo in an early newsletter that caught on). Most filk music is song parody (popular songs with new lyrics written with SF/Fantasy themes) but there is original filk as well. Filks I’ve written.