Last one Standing – American League

Had a few minutes to spare this afternoon:

If asked, I wonder how many people would guess the American League team that has gone the longest without finishing dead last.

One needs to go back to 1973 to have one team standing in the American League, and they don’t fall until 1933.

Here’s a hint: They were in the World Series lin 2004, and supposedly broke a curse.

Hoover Awards for the American League

1973 to 2006

New York Yankees 1
Toronto Blue Jays 4
Baltimore Orioles 1
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5
Minnesota Twins 4
Detroit Tigers 5
Chicago White Sox 1
Cleveland Indians 3
Kansas City Royals 1
Oakland Athletics 2
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2
Texas Rangers 1
Seattle Mariners 5
Boston Red Sox 0