Carondelet YMCA Book Fair – and the initiation of a personal book tax

Last year at the Carondelet YMCA mega-booksale I purchased 16 books. Today, I purchased 13. You could argue I am being more selective. But not really. I have too many books. I know this. That doesn’t stop me from getting new ones. It’s a problem. It’s not the cost. Combined, the 29 books last year and this year cost me $14.50. I’m running out of room to put them.

So I decided to institute a book tax. And as taxes go, it’s pretty high. 100%. For every book that comes in, another book must go out. And the books I got today weren’t grandfathered. Which meant I had to find 13 books to give away.

Surprisingly, I had a stack of 13 in under two minutes. It wasn’t difficult.

Incoming 13:

1) The Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace

Purchased soley because I remember it fondly from childhood. Though I suspect it won’t be long for my shelves with this new rule.

2) After many a summer dies the swan, by Aldous Huxley
3) Fifth Business by Robertson Davies
4) Watch the Northwind Rise, by Robert Graves
5) On Poetry and Music, by Aristotle
6) Parodies: An anthology from Chaucer to Beerbohm and After, by Dwight Macdonald
7) The Greek Myths by Robert Graves
8) The Bedbug and Selected Poetry by Vladimir Mayakovsky
9) Ninety Three by Victor Hugo (Lowell Bair translation, with introduction by Ayn Rand)
10) The Lottery (and other stories) by Shirley Jackson
11) The True Believer by Eric Hoffer
12) The Big Time by Fritz Leiber
13) The Best of Cordwainer Smith

Outgoing 13

1) Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz
2) In the Night Room by Peter Straub
3) Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw
4) Judas by Suu Minazuki (Vol 1 – Manga)
5) Elephantasm by Tanith Lee
6) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
7) Love’s been good to me, by Rod McKuen
8) Scuse Me While I Whip This Out by Kinky Friedman
9) The 5th annual Best SF (1971)
10) Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust
11) Everything We Had: An Oral History of the Vietnam War – by Al Santoli
12) Dangerous to Know – by Barbara Taylor Bradford
13) Fletch and the Widow Bradley – by Gregory McDonald

Those of you who live in St. Louis and who know me are going to get first dibs on the books. If you want one – speak up. I’ll carry them around in my car for a week or two and then any that remain will be given to Goodwill.

0 thoughts on “Carondelet YMCA Book Fair – and the initiation of a personal book tax

  1. Kathy

    I’lll take Angels and Demons off your hands and the George Bernard Shaw book too.

    Like I need to add books any more than you do 🙂


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