Carnival: Most Significant Day in my so-called life

Stlbloggers Blog Carnival #2 requires me to write about the most significant day of my life.

I interpret this as a day where if the events occurred differently, my entire life would be changed.

We’ll ignore January 21, 1969. It is a sine qua non, by definition, but everyone has that day in their life.

Days that compete
1) January 9th or 10the, 1986
2) June __, 1988
3) Feb 26, 2002

I’m going to drop #3 from the list. It was depressing being laid off from work, and the year that followed was equally depressing. I have a new career, but I’m still young and may even have more careers ahead of me.

#2 occurred a couple days after my brother graduated from college. The graduation was in New Jersey, and the family took a trip to New York afterwards. I attended my first Broadway musical. Les Miserables. Two years later, I was in Washington DC, and I bought the book. I have definitely become obsessed with Victor Hugo. I like mentioning that both the Christian Science Monitor and the Australian radio network ABC interviewed me during Hugo’s Bicentennial in 2002. (Coincidentally, the exact date of his 200th birthday was Feb 26th. A day I should have been celebrating, I was in shock from losing my job.) However, it still isn’t the most significant day in my life, so I’m not going to bother looking up the exact date.

That goes to January 9th, 1986 – when I first started feeling weakness in my arms and legs and in the afternoon entered St. Louis Children’s Hospital, or January 10th when I woke up paralyzed from the neck down. Both happened within the same 24 hour period.

I’ve blogged about my experiences with Guillain-Barre Syndrome here, here and here.

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  2. DL Emerick

    I am still waiting for the greatest day of my life… I just hope it happens while I am still living.

    Speaking of which (ie the greatest day of your life being in your life), Robert Jordan died a few days ago… per the NYTimes obits — and here i was still awaiting volume XII in the Wheel of Time series. The obit didn’t mention a volume 12, either — just 11.

    Then, too, note, it would be really sad if the greatest day of your life happened in someone’s else life!!!

  3. John

    Glad I could be of help by providing the forum for you to pose the question, so you could then go and look up the answer.


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