This is not a blog post

It is to say that I have an idea for a blog post that I will write later. So this just introduces that blog post. It’s not a blog post itself.

Oh, yeah, Filk Singer Blind Lemming Chiffon has fallen behind on his Song-A-Day project, but his most recent endeavor, I feel, is a work of genius. And I may actually sing it at the next open mic I attend.

Oh, crap, I think I just made this into a blog post.

0 thoughts on “This is not a blog post

  1. Blair

    This is a placeholder for a tounge-in-cheek comment I plan to leave later regarding the quantum-level probability of blog posts and the application of chaos theory to the blogosphere.

  2. DL Emerick

    I tried to post at the FSBLC site, but the posts did not stay posted.

    So, I post it here, instead.

    When neither is either,
    no one is yet one or none,
    depending on how lonely
    or lovely I am today.

    Warble me when I come to wake,
    whistle in fragmented winds,
    notes shrill upon ear sound,
    and ever hope I waking take.

    That would be a silly song
    if had it any musical sense,
    the kind fancy birds make,
    when sitting fans on fence.

    CROW US:
    Repeat after me, please do,
    what I do, say, or say not speak,
    whistle with tongue in cheek,
    and let your song be merry, too.

    When quill feathers fly,
    nothing’s undecided, anon,
    as nothing was delighted
    to be itself, side show still there.

    In such quandary, query us,
    as to how a worm goes down,
    by head or tail, email not note:
    my birds sing all the same song.

    Chorus, crow us, conquer us,
    if we be flying loops so low,
    then have we no winds to lift,
    as birds beard a bard just so?