Short-term memories

There seems to be some concern among the GOP that Dennis Kucinich’s daughter has a reporting job on DC’s newspaper, The Hill.

They seem to forget Bush’s 1st cousin, John Ellis, of Fox News, back in 2000, who had a lot more responsibility for the decisions the newschannel made on election night than Kucinich’s daughter probably has for the newspaper.

0 thoughts on “Short-term memories

  1. DL Emerick

    Well, we don’t require celibacy of our politicians.

    Hypocrisy would still abound, there.

    Indeed, it abounds so much in Congress Assembled that you wish deconstuction wasn’t a mythology, and that it could do something useful, like disassemble Congress.

    They have their defenses, in the anti-disassembly clause, I suppose, in its pragmatic dissembly form.

    I listened to the debate between the Democrats earlier this evening.

    Kucinich was the only one consistently saying what should be said. Edwards also spoke well.

    Clinton and Richardson are way too far to the right for my tastes. Obama sounds like a Clinton-wanna-be, or wanna-beep.

    I can’t figure out why Dodd, Biden and Gravel are on stage, even if they are running for the presidency.

    Clinton is crafty, and even eerily sounds like a fiscal constitutional libertarian (FCL) at time. As I happen to be a devout FCL, that always spooks me. But, what the hey, she comes from a Chicago suburb — never can quite trust ’em if they were born in the burbs. You just figure that they think they are so smart that they can figure out a loop-hole legal way to fleece you, anyway, everyday.

    And, I can’t forget the fact that she was born a Republican, either — that always scares the bejews out of me. I mean it’s one thing to be deluded and vote Republican now and then, but it is quite another thing to grow up believing in that crap — it’s worse than orginal sin (OS) — it’s the very inspiration for OS.

    I know, I know — you can’t help the fact of your ancestors.
    (God knows we are an embassment to one another — but at least it is mutual!)

    (Old Spanish Proverb:
    Man who prides himself on his ancestry is like a potato plant — the best part of him is under ground.)

    So, that proves, in conclusion, that you should be for Kucinich as well???