I agree

Friend Anarkey on her blog suggested all Christians and Atheists Read this.

I thought about it, and read it anyway, and found I agree completely. All Atheists and Christians are equally silly, and equally wrong. 🙂

Somehow, I don’t think that’s the message intended. Though I laughed at all the images in the article, especially the one in the middle of the last page.

And seriously, it’s a good article. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be linking to it. Even my Tribe has its share of idiots.

0 thoughts on “I agree

  1. Databob

    I’m neither Christian nor Atheist and I thought the article was well written, had some good points, and was quite humorous. I laughed. But only at the appropriate parts.

    I’m gonna check out some of the other stuff that the dude’s written.

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