I said it was the only thing I was left rooting for this season, and Pujols is inching closer to doing it, even with a strained calf. Last night he added his 100th RBI of the season, and his 96th run. So with 4 more runs, he’ll be 7 for 7 seasons with 100 RBI, 100 Runs, 30 Homeruns, and a 300 batting average. The only person in baseball history to do it. But he was the only player in baseball history to do it for four seasons.

He only has 4 games to do it in. After one game tonight with the Mets, who are doing well this year, but struggling recently, we will finish off the season against the Pirates, who are competing with Florida for this year’s National League Hoover Awards. So there’s a chance, but it’s small.