Don’t count your anniversaries until they hatch

Recent news reports have indicated that statistics show the American divorce rate has continued on the rise. But a recent update says the truth is the reverse. Divorce is at an all time low. Why the difference?

The study apparently asked the question – out of all marriages between 1975 and 1979 – how many had made it to the 25th anniversary mark. The study was conducted in the middle of 2004. Can you see the problem? Half of the marriages in 1979 (The latter half) couldn’t chronologically have made it to 25 years at the time the study was conducted. So all those marriages, whether they had lasted 24.5 years or not, were counted as divorces.

This is being referenced as a ‘glitch’ in the study.

I’m sorry. That’s not a glitch. That’s stupidity. I’m not saying I’m a professional when it comes to research studies, but I think it is common sense to wait until the time period that is being studied has come to an end before analyzing the data.