Back in February I told you I could have predicted the results of the Superbowl if I had tried to do so beforehand.

Well…I’m going out on a limb here and testing my numerological prowress using the theorem I mentioned back in February.

The World Series will be between the Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox.
The Red Sox will win.
This is somewhat dependent upon who the manager actually plays.
If certain people sit on the bench, that could influence the results.

For exaomple, someone may point out that using my theorem, the Cubs should have beat Arizona. Arizona has no players in their active 40 man roster with any of my magic numbers. The Cubs have one. However, they went with the wrong catcher two out of the three games. Cubs fans will tell me that they lost all three games, and Soto played better in his two games than Kendall did in his one game. That doesn’t matter. If Kendall had played all three games, I guarantee that they wouldn’t have lost more than three games, and can anyone prove they wouldn’t have won the series?