Great Animal Rebellion Redux

I last blogged about the Great Animal Rebellion three years ago. Most if not all the links to the news stories in those three posts are dead.

If I start keeping track of this again, I’m going to have to start quoting from some of the news stories so there is a record.

Wild monkeys attack a New Delhi deputy mayor who falls to his death.

Media reports say the deputy mayor of New Delhi was on the balcony of his home when he was attacked by a gang of Rhesus macaques (REE’-suhs muh-KAKS’) causing him to fall. He was rushed to the hospital but died of head injuries.

Many government buildings, temples and residential neighborhoods in New Delhi are overrun by Rhesus macaques.

Horse betrays cause

A Scottish farmer’s wife says her horse saved her life after it fought off a cow that was attacking her.

Fiona Boyd, 40, feared she was going to be crushed to death by the cow after it kicked her to the ground, then rolled on top of her.

She says she survived only because her horse, Kerry, raced to the rescue and kicked the cow until it moved off her.

And then there are the news stories that perhaps explain the reasons behind the rebellion:

Smoke ban causes collie wobbles

A dog with a cigarette habit is suffering withdrawal following the smoking ban.

What do you call a pig with six legs and two willies?

A piglet born in Croatia with six legs and two penises has been nicknamed Octopig…[owner:]”Who knows, maybe we can breed more although the two penises might be a problem.”

0 thoughts on “Great Animal Rebellion Redux

  1. Blair

    On the surface, that pig with six legs sounds like a good idea. Two extra legs means that much more meat. But if you want to find out how it tastes…. Good luck catching it!

    (My guess is that it tastes like the three legged chicken in the original joke.)