Nashville Politics

For those who like to know the politics of their entertainers, here’s a list of “Country Recording artists and Nashville-area stars” and to which political party/candidate they give money.

It doesn’t matter much to me. There are a couple in the Republican category whose music I have enjoyed in the past, and I will continue to enjoy. But I do find it interesting that if I were to tally the number of my CDs by artists in each category, the Democrats win in a landslide. Whether or not the musician makes their opinions explicit in their songs, often it will come through regardless.

And Bonnie Raitt sure has a lot of money to give. Alone, she almost doubles all the Republicans on the list combined. I’m glad she’s on our side.

0 thoughts on “Nashville Politics

  1. Angie

    So, the Oak Ridge Boys support the Republicans. I’m not sure why that surprises me. Amy Grant, sure. But the Oak Ridge Boys? And Charlie Daniels?

  2. DL Emerick

    I already detested the misleading rants of Cowboy Roy — a characteristic of a certain strand that unites joys of singing and of sinning (vicariously, at least).

    The harmony of this strand explains the quality of anarcho-christianity in every fundamentalist religious movement. They wildly sin (and talk lovingly of their sinning lives), but still they devoutly pray, proclaiming their own souls and lives most noble. The self-indulgencies they grant themselves liberally, shunning all moments of conscience.

    This infinite act of self-forgiveness permits them, thus, to condemn most vehemently and violently the sins of all those who do not sin like they do — as unAmerican, antifamily, anti-Christian sins.

    Explored conceptually, we find the deficit of their self-deceits. The self-righteous can forgive no other person for being a sinner, because he expends all of his mercy and grace upon himself, quite selfishly.

    But, this we already knew. I just repeat the obvious truths, for want of any better sin to do.