Dogs shoot men

As Blair points out, the news story of a dog that shot a man in Iowa bears mentioning in the overall Great Animal Rebellion.

But there are two things about the story that I wish to focus on. Neither of these facts are in all versions of the news story. Ananova keys us in though.

1) Mr Harris was treated at Grinnell Regional Medical Centre and later taken by helicopter to University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, following the accident in Poweshiek County.

Hey! I spent parts of three years in Poweshiek County! I went to Grinnell College! True, I was never inside Grinnell Regional Medical Centre…

Of course, you probably don’t care about that.

2) Alan Foster, a spokesman for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, said it was not uncommon for hunters to be shot by their dogs.

And you probably thought this was a freak accident. Of course not! It’s a rebellion I tell ya!

One of my early posts on this uprising mentions a “Dog in South Dakota”. The story has been removed from Ananova’s archives, but I’ve discovered that Ananova isn’t blocking caches…so it appears on the

Wayback Machine

To truly comprehend the magnitude of the situation, you have to compare the frequency to other comparable events. If the Iowa Dept of Natural Resources sees a couple cases per year, it’s probably a safe assumption that several other states do too. It’s likely that every year, more dogs go on a shooting spree, than high school students.

I’m going to have to spend some time updating a lot of links on my old posts, but at least the stories are all still out there.

0 thoughts on “Dogs shoot men

  1. Databob

    Even though this may be part of the larger “Animal Conspiracy,” I believe this to be a case of “stupid hunter.”
    Either way, I’m glad that a) my dog doesn’t like guns, possibly having had to shoot his way out of a bad situation in his early puppyhood… and b) the evidence does not support dogs having been recruited for the greater Animal Conspiracy.
    Not only that, but now that I’m not eating the animals, I’ve taken up infiltrating the Animal Conspiracy meetings as a spy working for their side. However, we all know the truth. I have my own side.

  2. Blair

    DataBob raises an interesting point. Generally speaking, the members of canis familiaris don’t seem to be part of the conspiracy. It’s possible that the dogs who’ve shot their humans are either turncoats or else have fallen into a role similar to that of a human child who wants to play with the gun.

    And that’s kind of interesting. Because when you think about it, the dogs have placed themselves in a fairly unique position, ideally suited for attacking us in our sleep. And yet they don’t. I suspect one day a researcher will discover that most dogs still follow the ancient Vow of the Pack and are sworn to protect their humans.

    Which is good. Because cats are also rather well placed. And who hasn’t had experience of trying to walk down the stairs while a cat tries to make you fall and break your neck. And who chases the cats…?

  3. John

    There is another possibility. The turncoats seem to dislike hunters. Now, that could be a matter of access to weapons. But as you say, there are other ways to skin a cat, or kill a human.

    Dogs are quite willing to be loyal, faithful, etc., living up to their moniker of ‘best friend,’ until we begin shooting other animals for sport, instead of food. When we cross that line, their vows no longer stand.

    We cross the line with cats as soon as we have them neutered, spayed, or declawed.