Nov 10th Google News Stats

Been doing this for the past couple years, I might as well keep it up. See if it ever changes. These are the number of news articles turned up in a “Google News” search for the corresponding terms:

“Berlin Wall” – 848
Kristallnacht – 220
Holocaust 1938 – 99
“Night of Broken Glass” – 51
“Kaiser Wilhelm” – 42
“Beer Hall Putsch” – 40
“World Freedom Day” – 1
“International Day Against Fascism” – 1

0 thoughts on “Nov 10th Google News Stats

  1. DL Emerick

    What, you didn’t list all the other hits, precisely, nor previous hit-count tabulations, comparatively? How terse of you!!!

  2. John

    Yeah, I give my readers too much credit sometimes, and assume if they’re interested they’ll go back into my extensive archives and look. Maybe next year (or the year after when I have five years worth of data) I’ll make a chart or table.


    I wasn’t precise with all the stats in past years, but I can’t change what I did in prior years.


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