There’s something wrong with Google’s formula for their image search

I was looking at my statistics for the month of October, and the number one search term that drove people to my site?

Anakin Skywalker

I looked at that, and started racking my brains trying to recall when I last blogged about Star Wars. I am a geek. I have seen all of the films multiple times, but I know I haven’t blogged much about them. I did a google search, and my website didn’t turn up in the first 100 results.

On a hunch, I tried a Google Images search. Fifth picture. From a meme-quiz I took which identified me as most like Anakin out of all the Revenge of the Sith characters. I took the quiz back in 2005. Two years ago!

So there are only 4 other pictures on the entire interweebs of Anakin that are ranked higher than mine. (And the image isn’t even on my site – it’s hotlinked from the quiz site. But the search results link to my site.)

So…Welcome Star Wars Fans!

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