I feel like having a green car today…

On Mondays, I want my car to be red
On Tuesdays, I want my car to be orange
On Wednesdays, I want my car to be yellow
On Thursdays, I want my car to be green
On Fridays, I want my car to be blue
On Saturdays, I want my car to be indigo
On Sundays, I want my car to be violet

By 2010, all I will need is one car. As they’ll have on the market a paint job that can change the color of your car at the touch of a button.

And of course…the paint job I suspect could be applied to other things as well…though it will have to be something that an electric current passes through.

Before the bodywork is covered in paint, it receives a coating of special ‘paramagnetic’ iron oxide particles. The small crystals within the iron oxide particles change its alignment when a current passes through it. Consequently, this results in a change in the way light reflects off its surface.

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