Neil Diamond and Me

It seems Neil Diamond and myself have something in common. He has just admitted, that at age 29, he wrote the song Sweet Caroline about none other than Caroline Kennedy, after he saw a photograph of her. She was only 12 years old. There are some rather disturbing lyrical images in the song when you consider he was 29 and she was 12. (“Hands touchin’ hands reachin’ out touchin’ me touchin’ you..”)

And Drew Barrymore was only 9 in 1984 when Firestarter was released. Of course, I was only 15. So it’s not really as bad. And of course, I didn’t write a hit song.

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  1. DL Emerick

    Since I learned more about her,
    I’ve always been ashamed
    of my wanton youthful adoration and indiscretion
    of loving Shirley Temple (Black).

    Even though she was 30 and I was only 10 or so,
    she looked like she was my age —
    dancing and singing cherubically
    in those short and frilly dresses
    so pure and innocently.

    But, truth will out.

    I grew older.

    I discovered what a witch she truly was.

    Oh well.

    They won’t put me in jail for loving an older woman once upon a time, will they?
    They could arrest and try her, though; that’d put a smile on my face —
    she’d finally be getting what’s been coming to her for years — the bitch.


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