On the second day of Hanuka

On the second day of hanuka YouTube gave to me…two barenaked ladies

Notes: One could argue there are more than two members of BNL, but there are two vocalists in this video.

The title and lyrics of the song say, “light the menorah.” Technically, it’s not a menorah that’s being lit. It’s a Hanukiah. A menorah has seven branches, one for each day of the week, and is lit on every Sabbath in most Synagogues. A Hanukiah has 9 branches – one for each of the eight days of Hanukkah, plus an extra one for a candle called the ‘shamash’ that is used to light the other eight.

Outside of Israel, the Hanukiah became known as “the Hanukkah menorah”, which then got shortened to just Menorah, even though it became easily confused with the menorah used on the Sabbath.

By the way — I know what I’m posting tomorrow for the third day, but after that, I’m clueless. I’m confident I’ll find something, but I suspect I may be stretching a little to come up with videos for numbers 4-8.

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