On the Fourth day of Hannukah

On the fourth day of Hannukah YouTube gave to me: Four dreidel sides

(three folk stars, two BNLs, and a lesson in the spelling)

Notes: A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides. Here’s what I wrote about dreidels three years ago. Contains variants on the game to balance out the odds, as well as ‘adult’ variants. Also explains what the Hebrew letters on the dreidel mean.

The video above is ‘interesting’ in that it’s a guy singing about playing with his dreidel all day long. And it never shows us a picture of what his dreidel looks like. If your mind is like mine, the song is hilarious.

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  1. Anarkey

    I’m really enjoying this “8 Days of Hannukah” series. Sophia’s seen the video for the first day a bunch of times. She wants me to let you know it’s her favorite. I got a little scared yesterday when you said you had no idea what to do for days 4-8, but you’re doing fine! Keep it up!



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