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I have added a wordpress plugin today. It should be rather obvious to regular visitors.

Now all my readers can know how old the Earth is, according to the Jewish calendar. (Some say this is just the number of years of Mankind’s existence, and this assumption does make it, relatively speaking, more accurate, but it is still likely off a bit.)

The plugin can be found here.

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  1. DL Emerick

    Synthetic thinker that I am…

    I do not say “this is how old the Earth is…” from such calculations…

    I say, “this is approximately how long we have been writing that “we know that we are here on Earth””

    I don’t think anyone can disprove this statement, unless they can point to some form of an older writing that tells me otherwise…

    Now, some related evidence might exist in

    Certainly, the cavers were aware of the differences between animals, but yet — despite their drawings — they left us no written records, apparently.

    Hence, we might easily conclude that language had not yet evolved to what might be understood as a written form, whatever practices it might have had some 15-17K years ago, as a mere oral matter or as a pictorial one.

    How mighty was the effort to come to a written language?

    It took, apparently, 10,000 years of effort to come to the practices of writing, given the antecedents of picture-words and oral-practices.

    Similar evidence of the “simultaneous” origin of many writing systems in the Orient and in the Nile valley dates to around the year 4000 BCE. Such a world-wide-spread-adoption of systems for writing is highly remarkable. Of course, lost or or now obscure proto-writing systems were the precursors upon which this primary evolutionary advance necessarily rested.

    But, still, the co-incidence of the dating (from anecdotal Torah) and more systematic archaelogical evidence of our own times points to the same general era of time: the so-called “Garden of Eden” consciousness of being, not merely human (one of the animals), but also of being Man (whatever that might mean). The separation of the species consciousness took some thousands of more years — when Man finally, perhaps, finally stopped personification — of seeing animals as gods, or of seeing gods dressed up in animal forms.

    However, among other religions, the Christian cults still carry forward a form of this primative animalistic paganism, symbolically, by seeing their Jesus as the “Lamb of the World”, one perfect sacrifice for all — even and especially their book of so-called Revelations is replete with animal icons — a menagerie of melodramas.

    Still, my central point here is that, ca 6000 years ago, Man began “writing” as the central fact of his cognition of his own existence here on Earth. That is the event to which such dating systems uniformly attest.

    And, all the time before systems of writing were telescoped (or periscoped, or pericoped), in symbolical reduction — in a grand sacrifice of copious (irrelevant) detail for ease of general comprehension. The problem of the literalists is that they forget that every symbol system does this. Inevitably, the economy of writing trades the all of every actual for the total of every symbol. Pagan literalists keep thinking the symbol truly replaces the actual — thus they fall back into worshipping symbols (mere words) as idols of their gods. They are thus, perhaps, not much advanced beyond the people of the artists of the caves of Lascaux.