On the Sixth day of Januca

On the Sixth Day of Januca YouTube gave to me six muppets singing

Notes: The video actually contains four songs. The first one is six muppets singing about “What Do You Do with a Menorah?” This song is followed by “Latke Boogie Woogie” and “Spinderella”. In these two songs a few other muppets make an appearance. The original six do make a reappearance at the end in “Chanukah Blessing & Round.”

All four songs are really cute, and should be fun for kids. For a holiday without any ‘carols’ I’ve sure found a lot of fun songs on YouTube. t I wish they had existed when I was a kid. Or I wish I had known about them.

As near as I can tell from my internet research, ‘Janucá‘ isn’t just a possible Spanish spelling, it is the common Spanish spelling.

For those who may be worried…the end is in sight. I’ve picked out the videos for the last two days already. The notes could get long on both.

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