Year in Review

I did this meme last year, might as well do it again this year.

List the first sentence from the first post for each month in 2007. Twelve sentences.

  • I’m back.
  • Imagine that.
  • I don’t have a paraph.
  • April is National Poetry Month.
  • May 1, 1886 – Chicago – Haymarket Square.
  • How did I miss this!
  • Have you not heard of this website?
  • Had a few minutes to spare this afternoon: If asked, I wonder how many people would guess the American League team that has gone the longest without finishing dead last.
  • Happy Labor Day.
  • Don’t watch this video if: 1) You are diabetic, and can’t handle extreme amounts of sweetness 2) You have a phobia of kittens.
  • Back from SteaknShake a little earlier than I expected.
  • There’s a major thematic correlation between Hanukkah and Thanksgiving

I still don’t have a paraph.
One line is actually the same from last year.
But that’s not the only repeated post I discovered doing this meme.

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