Quick Analysis of most Recent Poll

A recent Poll shows if the election were held today, 55% of likely voters would vote for Kerry over Bush, and 54% would vote for Edwards over Bush. (Statistically identical results)

When they measured registered voters (instead of likely voters) there was a dead-heat between Bush and both Democratic candidates. One way to interpret this, might be when people were asked “are you planing on voting,” a greater number of people leaning towards Bush said no, or were unsure, than those leaning towards the Democratic candidates. Suggesting that even among those leaning towards Bush, there is enough dissatisfaction to keep them away from the polls.

In this country that seems to be split more and more 50-50, the Democrats don’t really need to increase the numbers that support them…they just need to strengthen the resolve of those who do suppport them, and increase the dissatisfaction with Bush in those who support Republicans. It’s not a matter of changing opinions…but getting more of your folx to the voting booth.

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