Day 1

Woke up in San Juan, PR hotel
Breakfast: Banana, OJ from hotel complimentary breakfast
Purchased souvenir cap from PR airport since I left hat at home, and while I tend to deny that I don’t have a full head of hair, denial doesn’t change facts.
Plane ride in 8-seater to Virgin Gorda
Lunch: Banana Daiquiri, Fritters, salad with shrimp
Grocery shopping in town (not all meals are eaten out) Bought a little snack to contribute to a NYE gathering I will be attending. (No details, as I do wish it to be a surprise, but I suspect at least one reader of this blog will enjoy the contribution. No, Bob, I haven’t yet seen what you requested.)
Read a chapter of book that I received from my boss as a holiday gift: The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula, by Eric Nozum. So far it is a humorous, and informational read.
Dinner: Banana Daiquiri, 1/2 Jerk Chicken Wrap, 1/2 Mahi Mahi wrap (my brother-in-law had the other halves) Fries
Tested out the DSL connection at the villa we are renting.

Comment from an anonymous member of the family: “The cell phones work this year, the blackberries work, and we have DSL for the first time. We need to find a new island.”

Of course, for me, the DSL isn’t a connection to work I am trying to avoid. The DSL is a connection to friends and fun. I will only log on after the sun has gone down. But I won’t have a 1000 unread msgs this year when I get home.

I also won’t do this itemization every day.

0 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Kathy

    Just remember to bring some of that sunshine back here.
    It rained yesterday. but you also missed seeing Mike and Darlene’s new digs and the LAN party.

    Have fun and Happy Holidays to your family.

  2. DL Emerick

    Bananas seem to predominate in your diet… good potassium source —

    and the alcohol helps kill all the fruit flies and preserve the fruit.

    Live long, and prosper!