This is insane

The media is still reporting that Michigan is a must-win for Romney. If McCain wins, and Romney once again finishes a close second, Romney will still have the most pledged delegates of any GOP contender. If he then drops out due to the Media’s insane reportage, will he be the first presidential contender ever to drop out of a race, while in the lead? (Excluding any that dropped out due to scandal or health issues)

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  1. DL Emerick

    Press is numb, dumb, deaf and stupid, too.

    For instance, see if you can figure out which questions reporters ask:

    “Subject: TV news ignores climate crisis


    In the last year, the major TV networks asked the presidential candidates 2,679 questions. Pop quiz: How many were about global warming?

    A) 514—after all, it’s one of the top issues facing the country
    B) 165—as many as were asked about illegal immigration
    C) 3—the same number asked about UFOs

    If you guessed 3, you’re right: Reporters asked as many questions about UFOs as they did about the climate crisis—the biggest threat to our planet.

    I signed a petition urging top TV reporters to ask the presidential candidates about global warming. Can you join me at the link below?


  2. DL Emerick

    Re: my first note.

    If reporters talk about it, it’s got to be news, isn’t that right?

    Now, why on earth would they not want to talk about global warming?

    Why would they rather talk about immigration?

    Well, who has invested fortune into making this a premier red-neck issue for the red-neck base?

    Today, for example, the NYT reports the dear old Rudy G owned an interest in the company that was to sell electronic security fencing for the border — he sold it a few days ago. And, what is dear old Rudy G advocating? Why, the idea that US should buy electronic fencing to secure the borders. How convenient and provident of him!!!

    But, the personal corruptions of Rudy are evident and obvious to all. Rudy even said a couple weeks ago, I paraphrase: “If a man is otherwise quite competent, but also quite corrupt, ala Kerik, I would hire him, not fire him.”

    Now, personally, I wonder that anyone can even begin to think of voting for Rudy, let alone the many millions of Republicans who report that they might vote for this self-confessed king who would fill his court with corruption, knavery, bribery, embezzlement, swindle, fraud and theft.

    But, Republicans are proudly bereft of a standard for honest and decent government. They have BamBoozler Bush as their legacy leader.

    Worse yet, how can McCain be running slightly ahead of either Obama or Clinton in face-off polls? I mean, McCain is like a Saturday Night special, compared to Bush’s pop-gun presidency. McCain happily endorses the idea of many more troops in Iraq for many more years. (The US Iraq Command said this week that they imagine an occupation of Iraq will continue for some 10 to 12 years more.) McCain staunchly opposes abortion and most all items on the civil libertarian agenda. McCain endorses states “rights” over the rights of the people that are protected in the federal constitution. McCain is extremely pro-business, too, and opposes most forms of federal domestic spending, as well as liberal programs like social security, medicare, or medicaid — and quite definitely hostile to a national healthcare plan.

    Now all these extremist positions do not make McCain extreme in the GoP — for there, of all places, he is regarded as a “moderate”. (See nice op-ed in NYT yesterday on this distorted sense of “moderate”.)

    You want change?

    Oh, yes, McCain will change things — so will the rest of the GoP frauds. They would all change things further back to the way they once were in the good old days of robber barons, in the late 1800s, the early 1900s, and have even ever always been in the GoP — a party almost always entirely dominated by greed, or unnatural lust for personal wealth.

    Religion (aka family values) is just a red-herring issue for the GoP: they use it to fool the many — distract the people while the quality of their lives declines, reduced economically to the status of being peons and serfs.

    Ah, the stench of this land is surely in the nostrils of the Lord.

    You want hell-fire-and-damnation?

    Read why Sodom and Gommorah were destroyed!!!

    Those cities were destroyed, says Scripture, because they trampled down the common people, because they did not take care of the sick, the poor, the homeless, the widows and orphans and others in need — because they exploited the people economically. The Bible (Hebraic, anyway) always explains sin just so. Sin consists precisely in acts of crass economic exploitation that ruins the ability of the many to sustain their personal lives and to cherish their own private loves. “Christians”, sadly, usually obsess over the symptoms of sin (such as increases in “crime”) and would treat those bearing the stigmata of such symptoms harshly, as somehow lacking in “morality”. Only an idiot would be such a “Christian” — but there seem to be many who are such. The Bible, though, teaches us, again and again, that when the community is corrupt economically, such “immoral” things do appear, but only as signs of its fundamental sin.

    Mercy, humility, justice.

    Do any of the Republicans advocate such ideas? No (with the sole exception of Huckabee, by the way — who seems to be a far more genuine and sincere “Christian” than many who call themselves such.) (And, being generous, I must admit that McCain stanchly opposes torture, or uses that brook on that — as if, somehow, it could even be remotely possible for any decent person to do otherwise, as if Bush and his gang were merely in a gray land between black and white, when they foster and practice torture, for its alleged utility.)

    It is evil, in my view, ever to reason that the needs of the State justify any form of inhumanity to man and woman — as if the State has a legitimate interest, a collective one, born from no person but king and court.

    Oh, well, in this grossly distorted world, all the King’s roads are full of potholes.

  3. Donald Emerick

    Having said something that may be construed as insanity (ie, favorable to Huckabee), I offer this mild corrective — of quoting what the lunatic said recently:

    “I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution,” Huckabee told a Michigan audience on Monday. “But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.”


    Best subsequent reply to this thought:

    “I think Huckabee is exactly wrong, it’s a lot easier to change the word of a living god than it is to change the constitution. Changing the constitution takes an act of Congress with 2/3rds majority. Any crackpot can change the word of god … Jim Jones, David Koresh, Fred Phelps… shall I go on?”

    Exactly. God’s word is morphological. See the brief description of the aim of morphallaxis. For some organisms, when you cut it into two (or more) pieces, each piece will regenerate into its own (smaller) image of the original organism. The word of God is like that: first there was the Word, then it was cut, and recut many times, and each time, a new and ever smaller God emerges. (The Ultimate Chaos Property of Fractal Reality: structural resemblances appear all the way the down, layer by layer, but yet there is no “bottom” (ultimate) reality (nor yet any highest one, either…).)

    See also, morphological analysis: — a statement that the gestalt field constitutes a form in which mold things equilibriate and thus will re-appear, as disturbances tremble less and less, like waves receding from an epicenter. But, see, further:

    However, less we digress, let us return to the topoi of recent theory and consider:

    I have an alternate theory. It’s mine and belongs to me. It’s not quantized, either. I am. Or, more comprehensively: I am that I am. (And I am not when I am not.)

    It solves all existential and theological questions.

    It requires no Constitution, nor any Amendments, as it is purely and simply Natural Law.

    Natural Law can generate Gods, but not vice versa.

    So, ask Huckabee, next time you see him, “Why do you think you are so much smarter than the Founders — for they purposefully left God out of the Constitution?”

  4. DL Emerick


    McCain wants to increase our military activities in the world, especially in Iraq. Yet, as the article says, military spending is at the highest “real dollar” levels since WORLD WAR II. The Pentagon would like to establish a baseline share of the GDP, at 4% of the GDP. Expected GDP growth would thus permit every rising levels of armaments in the US world posture. But the hawks think it’s a rough world, out there, and that we need to be ready to go to war, anytime, anywhere — especially if peace threatens to break-out.