Just to keep everyone up-to-date

Media: Romney keeps campaign alive with first win of his campaign (most news sources are awake enough to actually state “first primary win”, which is technically correct, but suggests Wyoming’s status as a caucus makes it irrelevant, even though Iowa’s caucus certainly wasn’t irrelevant. A conundrum. I bet many residents of the state of Wyoming are developing a hatred for the national media by now, as they jump up and down waving their hands in the air “Look over here! We exist!) Romney has also, apparently, made a stunning comeback, and has “tied” up the GOP race.

Romney: 36
McCain: 19
Huckabee: 18

Please don’t ask me about the numerological significance of this. I don’t wish to ponder it.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Clinton almost lost to None of the Above in a one-woman race. Ok, 55%-40% isn’t exactly almost losing except, perhaps in a one-person race. (Yes, Kucinich, Dodd, and Gravel were on the ballot too. They made up the remaining 5%.)

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  1. DL Emerick

    Drop outs, this week:



    Kucinich Abandons White House Bid
    Suzanne Goldenberg reports for The Guardian Unlimited UK, “Dennis Kucinich, the Ohio congressman who tried to prod his fellow Democrats to take a tougher stand against the Iraq war, dropped out of the race for the White House yesterday.”

    Don’t they know that drop-outs rarely get good-paying jobs, like the Presidency?

    Next on the cut-list?
    Rudi G and Johnny Reb (Edwards).

    NYT today endorsed McCain and Clinton.

    A year plus ago I opined on the coming tragedy such a pairing of party candidates.

    Ok. Anyone for Bloomberg?

  2. DL Emerick

    McCain stomping over Romney 48 to 24. 36% of GoP yet undecided, or for Huckabee or Mr P, or too miserable with such lame choices to care to choose?

    We’ve waited long enough, but Tuesday will finally be the day when Romney reads the sprawled handwriting on the subway walls, the message in the Klein bottle, the IM-posters in the art gallery, the true-blue blogs, re(a)d on the web-elos trail of cub-scout reporters.

    It’s over when I say it’s over, ain’t it?

    It’s over when fat ladies sing? (How insulting can you get: opera and divas denigrated?)

    Will Huckabee concede, on the same day?

    What about Paulson?


    Clinton and Obama in a tight race-engendered war. Given Clinton’s inheritance of the loyalty of the structural Democrats (ie, the party machinery), she will eventually edge Obama out of the running. But, there is always an outsider’s chance that Obama could find a way to burst the ersatz bubble-bath in which the Hill’s body is floating, face-down, like a drowned rat.

    (For a brief but intriguing logo-nomic, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ersatz.)

    The Hill is ersatz Clintonism, purely and simply.


    And, the other NY Mayor, Aplombluster (pronounced Bloomberg), is still coin-sidering option prices, for the Buying of the Presidency. Me and my shadow, strolling down the Avenue, not the old but the new…. Sigh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bloomberg. He’s Jewish! Once a Democrat (like Reagan, except intelligent)!!! Oh, indeed, I could vote for him.

  3. DL Emerick

    I find nothing in this remark with with I disagree: http://transylvaniandutch.com/td/archives/2260#comment-29648

    Its logic is impeccable, subtle and quite erudite.

    Of course, I don’t actually speak the tongue in which it was written, nor do I understand a word said, and the intent is quite ambiguous, to say the least, which is what it said, but still it is hard to find anything in it with which to disagree.

    Or, agree, for that matter, but who’s counting?

  4. DL Emerick

    Romney drops out, just as I predicted.

    I now graft a new prophecy:
    McCain chooses Romney for his Veep nomination.

    (Ie: the fix is in — read the handwriting on the wall —
    Romney accepts second-hand deal on thesis that McCain loses in 2008, but losing Veeps are often front-runners in the next quadrennial, currently scheduled for 2012. At least, I don’t think McCain is so crazy as to choose Huckabee!)

  5. DL Emerick

    At least some of the preceding posts contain links to sites that contain material that many people would deem obscene. How do I know? I checked a few of these odd hyperlinks out.

    I find most such postings purely trashy. The art work, being charitable, hypothetically speaking, is notoriously inferior. The graphics are about as good as what used to be scrawled on toilet walls. The men and the women posed in flagrante delicto are not at all attractive. (I guess I always preferred airbrushed photoes from Playboy, what I grew up on.) The people look like red-necks, in short.

    I wonder whence such postings come?

    But, more so, I wonder that you don’t simply censor them, deleting their irrelvant appearance in your blog.

    If were blog manager, I think I would do that, if I could.

  6. John

    I do delete those comments when I see them. I usually get copies in my email of every comment that makes it past the spam filter — for example, your comment I read in my email first, before I read it here. But sometimes the emails fail to make it past my email spam filter. (My email spam filter seems to do its job better.)

  7. DL Emerick

    That’s ok. The rule of all filters against human invention is like that mantra of the scientist in Jurassic Park: nature does not respect man-made boundaries.

    It is in the nature of man, given a merely contrived rule, to find a way around it.

    Man is a hacker, since the Garden of Eden.

    Well, I always thought Adam ate the Apple first, since it stuck in his throat!!! And, when Adam (or Moses (or Zeus)) wrote the Torah, he knew that Eve (or her successors) could neither read nor write, and never realized that Adam had textually arranged for Eve to bear the brunt of responsibility for his break-in.

    Personally, I thought Romney an idiot for dropping out like some kind of wimp. If he really had had a beef with McCain, then he should have stood his ground. Instead, he makes that inane withdrawal statement, saying the GoP must unite, because otherwise the Democrats will win the WH and sell the nation out.

    First, of all, the Democrats won’t “sell the nation out.” What they are doing is redeeming a nation that has been sold out — a nation whose Governing Regime has repeatedly told big lies to it, a nation whose Governing Regime has shifted the country further from democratic equality toward aristocratic inequities, iniquities and inquisitions, undermining the Rule of Law both abroad and at home, perpetrated numerous war crime atrocities and wrongfully continues to claim the right to do so, further depleted the already constricted environments of flora and fauna, ignored the rising signs of global warming, wasted trillions in public resources on tax benefits for the richest Americans and their lap-dog corporations, wasted trillions on present and projected wars, failed to strike down bin Laden and his gang who struck us down on 9/11, failed to protect American borders and American jobs from a sunami-sized wave of illegal immigration, failed to fund its grandiose no-child education programs, toyed with alleged morality as a means of distracting the nation from its deprivations, strenuously labored to undermine social security and public health programs of all kinds, assaulted and undermined the Constitutional protections against tyranny, and so on and on.

    Romney is an idiot for not taking GW Bush to task for such failures and follies.

    But, then, so is McCain, generally. So is almost every Republican leader in DC — and even also out in many of the States of these United States.

    The Presidency of GW Bush is one long and sad history of failures and follies.

    Only Presidents Grant and Harding rival him in the degrees of incompetence and corruption that have so notably sullied and stained his terms of office. But, unlike either Grant or Harding, Bush was a willing and able leader of gang of criminals — for he and they intended everyone all the acts of failures and follies, mistakenly believing their ideology was ideal, perhaps. Their ideological blinders and blunders rival those of the Communists, who likewise thought all reality could be reduced to the model given by their own equally wrong ideology.

    When ideologues lead a nation, or a world,
    then surely chaos follows; evil reigns supreme.

  8. Andrea Bocelli the prayer chords

    Useful site. Thank you:-)

    [spamurl deleted. nice compliment kept, even though I know it came from a computer program. comment not deleted due to following comments which refer back to it.]

  9. DL Emerick

    The Bocelli song:

    I have a few Bocelli CDs.

    This song from Sogno is a sweet duet, with Celine Dion, as I recall.

    I quote:
    “I pray you’ll be our eyes,
    and watch us where we go
    And help us to be wise,
    in times when we don’t know

    Let this be our prayer,
    when we lose our way

    Lead us to the place,
    guide us with your grace

    To a place where we’ll be safe. “….

    What more could we ask?

  10. DL Emerick

    But, as long as I’m thinking of songs I like to sing:


    I quote from the last stanza of the song:

    “Now tell me wouldn’t it be nice
    That if one day in Paradise
    I sang for all the ladies up there

    And they would sing along with me
    We’d be so happy there to be
    ‘Cause down below is really nowhere

    My name would then be Jupiter
    And I would know where I was going
    And then I would become all knowing
    With my beard so long and flowing

    If I became deaf dumb and blind
    Because I pitied all mankind
    And broke my heart to make things right
    I know that every single night
    when my angelic work was through
    The angels and the devil too
    Would sing my childhood song to me
    About the time they called me Jackie

    If I could be for only an hour
    If I could be for an hour every day
    If I could be for just one little hour
    Cute, cute, cute in a stupid-ass way”

  11. DL Emerick

    I don’t understand the properties of the link address of the “Alicia Keys oops” posting immediately above. I click it and I get some sort of web page error — possibly of access denied. Presumptively, another spam-url item, and apparently automatically posting its “Useful site. Thank you:-)” message. For what reason on earth could this be a useful function?

  12. John

    Yes. 99.9% of the time a comment that says “Useful Site. Thank You” and just that is spam. There are a few other variations on that.

  13. DL Emerick

    Wisconsin makes it 9 in a row for Obama — even though yesterday someone was claiming that the latest public opinion poll showed Clinton edging Obama 49 to 43. The numbers came in otherwise — Obama with 57, Clinton 43.

    In total popular vote, Clinton also got twice as many primary votes as McCain, while Obama crushed both of them, getting nearly 3 times as many as McCain.

    The GoP should choose Clinton for their standard bearer and drop the dull McCain, if they want to have a chance of winning in November.

    McCain picked up the GHW Bush endorsement, in a speech that sounded like a reproof of the crurrent President. McCain, oxymoronically, is calling himself the agent of change. In his speech tonight he proposed rearming and rebuilding the American military complex — spending on which is already at the highest peacetime levels in 60+ years. The man is simply so far out of touch with reality that he doesn’t even know what it is.

  14. DL Emerick

    Hawaii makes it 10, their polls closed so late that us mainlanders missed it — Obama 76% to Clinton’s 24%.

    Washington held a beauty contest primary, on the Democratic side, as their caucus a couple of weeks ago had already awarded the delegates, but news of that primary outcome has been hard to discover.

    For example, the CNN big board does not mention the matter, yet, although it has room for the results, if they ever pursue it.