Spelling lesson

The word for when you don’t win: L*O*S*E
The word for something that isn’t tight: L*O*O*S*E

You look like an idiot when you confuse the two.
Really, you do.

I really wanted to laugh at the below video, and was laughing, until the misspelled caption. Then I was just disgusted with the poor US educational system.

Go ahead, call me a spelling Nazi, but at least I’m not a Cowboys fan.

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  1. DL Emerick

    Caption: “Right-wing revisionist historians find winning formula.”

    I’d insert my favorite football picture here, but (instead) link it to you:


    Seque Coming:
    When can I post pictures in my replies?

    After all, which is to say, in total, after all:

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

    Recent market convulsions show sharp slip in exchange ratio.

    Perhaps pictures were overpriced,
    indexed and leveraged.

    Some analysts say market confused,
    billions are lost in the fall.

    Phantom billions, to be sure,
    only numbers on paper traces:
    hard asses demand hard assets,
    not paper profits nor paper losses —
    Traitors left behind reading pink slips,
    written in red letters, redder ink,
    so we could trail their trades.

    All accounts must balance,
    at the end of the period,
    at the end of the day,
    at the end of life.

    Assets balance liabilities.

    Balance is an equality.

    A-less-L is Net-Worth:
    where you are in the game —
    ahead, behind, breaking even.

    Net Worth exceeds Justice,
    a different balancing act —
    restoring and correcting:
    what goes up wrong
    must come down right.

    Picture perfect?
    Picture imperfect, future tense:
    things will always seem to be what they are,
    unless things are different from they’ve been.

    Point and shoot.
    Technology favors the Insta-Magic,
    not crafts of word-carvings,
    patience craving for slow, timed release —
    go ahead, shoot your mouth off.

    Words exist on margins —
    knife-edged statistics kill them,
    paint pictures with their blood,
    read their dark entrails.

    Pictures show no futures:
    chaos comes of free will,
    semi-random determinateness,
    of the bull-headed or bear-headed,
    be-headed or not,
    bare-handed, bare-faced liars,
    accounting for what yet is not,
    nor ever will be, all the time.

  2. DL Emerick


    I really need to read an XHTML manual.

    I really do.

    Ah. That would be the one for me, unless they have one for idiots, too!!!

  3. DL Emerick

    Also crap.

    The instruction printed at the bottom of your note is not all-inclusive.

    Like my Mom, you must be leaving something out of the recipe.

  4. DL Emerick

    Too loose to lose in Toulouse. (74,400 googles for that phrase, where the uniqueness (worth) of a phrase is the squared inverse of its frequency, times some constants and variables — in lay language, W = CV / G**2.)

  5. John

    I figured out what was happening. Only I am allowed to do that, as I’m considered ‘safe’. Non-me’s can only use the commands above that are ‘allowed’. I may investigate how to add ‘img’ because I think ‘img’ is fairly safe.

  6. DL Emerick

    Nothing is safe.
    Nothing is sacred.
    Nothing is.

    We always have enough of nothing.

    The trick is be happy with enough.

    (Or, you could request the capability to specify who is a safe sender, etc., as to the privileges any such user (or user-type) might have, just like many other systems already have today.)

  7. Blair

    img is not safe.

    A malicious commenter could specify a .JS file in the src attribute. Whammo. Instant cross-site hacking attempt.

    For that reason, even you inserting an img is unsafe if the image resides on a remote server. If the remote server is compromised, the safe image file might be replaced by a script instead.

  8. Blair

    But still, I do have to ask….

    What sort of loosers are going to put up a video like that and not make sure they use the korect werds and spelinge???

  9. John

    Thanks, that explains why the img command isn’t part of the allowed codes.

    Yes, I agree the loosers are lame!

  10. DL Emerick

    NYT Business section article today reviews the state of the analog-digital conversions.

    Cable is no magic-bullet,
    like many people have been told,
    because 3 years later cable will stop supporting analog conversions, apparently.

    Thus, the estimate remains:
    20,000,000 TV sets may go blank on 2/17/08 —
    especially as (and the article confirms)
    it is widely expected that almost all those needing to convert
    will wait to the last minute, creating a jam.

    And, beyond those 20,000,000 sets
    there are an estimated 40,000,000 more sets
    that will blink out as well, but 3 years later.

    60,000,000 functioning hunks of TV to hit the trash.

    For TV manufacturers, alone, this is a Bonanza.

    The article sniffs at the idea of anyone having a TV set older than 1998 (by then)..

    I guess 60,000,000 Americans are just disposable.

    Actually, the number of TV sets affected may be much larger.
    The article talks in terms of “households” affected.

    Many households, like mine, have more than one (old) TV.
    Several of my seven TVs are old (or suspected to be analog-only).

    Who knows?

    The point is that the coming chaos is planned and expected.

    The point is to profit from impending disaster,
    when you can’t (and you never can) avoid it.

  11. DL Emerick

    While wandering on the web, I found this wry comment.

    “Use any version of Microsoft Frontpage to create your site. (This won’t
    prevent people from viewing your source, but no one will want to steal it.)”
    — from

    I’m still laughing.

  12. DL Emerick

    More on the impending DVD crisis:


    However, this site also contains a link to the free coupon application form of the USG.

    I requested two (2) of the free coupons, just in case.

    I advise everyone to request two.

    Faster than a tax rebate, even if you throw away the coupon(s) later!!! — They might also have some collateral value, if you’ll pardon the pun in this mortgage.

    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortgage: a death promise. Pun doubled down.)