0 thoughts on “I agree

  1. DL Emerick

    I agree.

    I agree with all the agreements to that with which I agree.

    My concurrence is total.

    I agree.

    I’d like to see (one more?) good President while I am (still) alive;
    Bush has taken away 8 years of my opportunity to see such a person.
    I might as well have been in prison, in the grave, or in hell.

    I think a good President would be just this:
    someone I wouldn’t notice,
    except in an emergency,
    like Mom or God.

    Hidden strength does not have to show itself on Muscle Beach all the time,
    like a certain Arnold.S. who has now gone the way of all flabby cats.

    Talk about a Terminator?
    That is so last-year.
    No — it’s so last-century, so 20th Century.

    But, what century was McCain born in?
    John Wayne’s World — redux he sucks.