I need to hear from all of Camelot!

Now that we know Ted, Caroline and Patrick are supporting Obama

And Robert Jr, Kerry and Kathleen are supporting Clinton

I think we need to hear from the Shrivers.  Who are the Shrivers supporting?
I can’t make up my mind until I know how all the Kennedy Clan are swinging, and just because they’re descended from Eunice, Jack and Bobby’s sister, doesn’t make then any less important.

0 thoughts on “I need to hear from all of Camelot!

  1. DL Emerick

    Let’s not forget the dead. If we want to know who JFK supports, we might as well hold a seance right now. Now, let me see, where did I put my Tarot cards and my Ouija Board?

  2. DL Emerick

    By the way,
    would you buy a Camel from a Used Camel-Lot?

    Why did the Camel cross the road? To get to the Camelot?

    He comes too often who camelot…

    (Bad aria day? Try Spamalot, spread it on thick and bite in.)

  3. Blair

    >> I think we need to hear from the Shrivers. Who are the Shrivers supporting?

    Well, you got your wish. To the extent that Ahnold represents the Shrivers (can you imagine Ahnold going against them?), we now know that the Shrivers support Obama.

  4. John

    I think you meant to type ‘McCain’ when you typed ‘Obama’ instead. At least, that’s who the news reports I am reading say Ahnold endorsed today.

    I’m not surprised, since he is a member of the GOP. However, I don’t think his wife’s siblings are necessarily GOP, and a look at his wife’s Campaign Contributions show she has only given money to Democrats. (Teddy, Patrick, etc)

  5. John

    Maria Shriver is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the sister of Jack, Bobby and Ted.

    So Ted is Maria’s uncle, and I guess Ahnold’s uncle-in-law.

  6. DL Emerick

    Never could keep up with those Kennedy’s.

    I just remember, sadly, that Ted endorsed Kerry in Iowa in 2004 –and the rest was history after that — like a kiss of death, his kiss can be.