It will only cost you 30 pieces of silver

Evidence Mel Gibson’s intent with his latest movie has nothing to do with money:

Official Movie Merchandise

Yes, that’s right, you can buy yourself a pendantthe shape of a nail, it will only cost you 30 pieces of silver. (Yes, that was way too easy, and I should have refrained.)

I found out about this latest development at Xoverboard

Most interesting, I find the Aramaic lapel pin, Aramaic Pocket Reminder, and the Aramaic Passion Mugs. Each contains the “Aramaic word for Passion”.

It looks Hebrew to me, not Aramaic. (I don’t know if it’s the Hebrew word for Passion, or the Aramaic word written with Hebrew letters.)

But since I’m no expert, I will let you make the decision yourself:

Here’s the graphic for the mug from the site:

Here’s the Aramaic alphabet

Here’s the Hebrew alphabet

[look at the Hebrew letters labeled: Samek, Bet, Lamed, Het, Alep]

Perhaps someone should tell Mel his merchandisers have made a small mistake.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: I have been informed that both Aramaic and Hebrew lettering have evolved over time, and the Ancient Aramaic I am more familiar with and linked to above actually pre-dates Jesus. By the time of Jesus the two languages were both using the same letters. Therefore, the merchandise, while tacky, is actually linguistically correct, and it is I who made the mistake.